Team Garnet and Team Renegade travelled to Vanderbilt this past weekend to compete in the 7th Annual Commodore Classic Invitational. They would like to thank Washington St. Louis, Duke, University of Washington, Eastern Kentucky, Texas, and Rhodes for eight great rounds of mock!

Team White journeyed to Washington, D.C. to compete in the Hilltop Invitational hosted by Georgetown. They would like to thank Fordham, Drexel, and American for superb rounds of mock trial!


Team Gold flew to New York City to compete in the Ninth Annual Downtown Invitational. The team placed 6th overall in a competitive field of 16 Nationals-level teams. Emma Allen won an Outstanding Attorney Award closing on the defense and Justin Nipper earned an Outstanding Witness Award playing the defendant’s son Jesse Duran. They would like to thank Princeton, UC Irvine, Columbia, and Northwood for four fantastic rounds of trial!


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