Team Captain America won the Spirit of AMTA, an Honorable Mention with a record of 4-2-2, and two individual awards at Elon University’s invitational tournament. The Spirit of AMTA is given to honor the team who “best exemplifies [AMTA’s] ideals—civility, justice, and fair play.” The award is very prestigious because it is voted upon by other competitors to recognize teams who go above and beyond. We are incredibly proud of our team for setting a positive example through their professionalism!

Additionally, Ryan Adelsperger won an Outstanding Attorney award with judges giving him 18 ranks out of a possible 20. Nicole Montgomery stunned the judges with her portrayal of the defendant, Jesse Duran, and won an Outstanding Witness award, earning 18 ranks as well.

Team Captain America would like to thank Penn State University, the University of Central Florida, Vanderbilt University, and American University for four challenging, wonderful rounds.

Congrats Noles! Team Iron Man and Team Hulk will travel next week to compete in the University of Georgia’s Classic City Invitational hosted in Atlanta.



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