Sunshine State Showdown 2021

Date: TBD | Tallahassee, FL

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State of Florida v. Avery Barlow

SSS Rules of Evidence

SSS Rulebook

Tournament for High School Teams

The 5th Annual Sunshine State Showdown hosted by FSU Mock Trial strives to provide an enjoyable and educational tournament experience for high school mock trial teams! Located in our state capital, Tallahassee provides a wonderful opportunity for teams to try an original case written specifically for the competition, and to gain valuable feedback from experienced lawyers, judges, and FSU law professors.

As the COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, we are unsure of what the state of the country will look like in late-October/early-November when we usually host our competition. We will keep everyone posted regarding the status of our competiton (online or in person, dates and locations, etc.) at a further date.

The registration link for our competition will be posted soon! We will be emailing out important updates, but please make sure you follow us on Instagram @sunstate_showdown where we will post all updates or changes to the competition format. We will also be posting updates regularly here, as well as via email. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Archived Cases

State of Florida v. Quinn Jacobs (2019)

Casey Teagan, et al. v. Powell Industries, Inc. (2020)